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Driving lessons in Groningen or Assen

  • English speaking instructors
  • High first time pass rate
  • Automatic or Manual gear
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  • Manual or automatic program

    Whether you need to brush up on your driving skills or obtain your Dutch driver’s license, we are here to help and provide you with your driving lessons. You can choose from a training programme for a manual or  an automatic car.

    Driving lessons: Get behind the wheel now

    No matter what the requirements are, being trained to drive a car by an experienced instructor from a licensed school is always good. Verkeersschool Oosterpoort has been training drivers for over 50 years, including a fast growing number of foreigners and Expats.

    Our English-speaking instructors, are excellent coaches, patient, friendly and fully up-to-date on the latest driving methods and safety techniques.


    For more information about driving lessons or for making an appointment, please fill in our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. We can schedule your driving lessons based upon your availability.

  • Price List


    warranty package without theory 

    € 925,-

    • 15 driving lessons (50 minutes per lesson)
    • 1 Trial exam
    • 1 Driving exam
    • 1 exam warranty*

    Individual driving lessons

    The more lessons you buy at once, the lower the price per lesson gets. 

    1 to 9 lessons (50 minutes / lesson) € 42,50 per lesson
    10 to 19 lesson(50 minutes / lesson) € 40,50 per lesson
    20 to 29 lessons (50 minutes / lesson) € 38,50 per lesson
    30 or more lessons (50 minutes / lesson) € 36,50 per lesson


    Driving licence Theory book (English) € 29,50
    Driving licence Theory book + Exam Training (English) € 62,50
    Driving Licence Theory Exam (at CBR) € 49,50


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